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Terms of Service

ImagesCash reserves the right to remove, delete, modify and/or replace images that engage site security and violate the law..

It is completely prohibited use this service to upload images with the following graphics content :

They involve child exploitation. (including pedophilia)
That infringe intellectual property rights of any entity .
That whose intended use or purpose is to harass an individual or group of people. This includes discrimination, insults and bullying .
That whose intended use or purpose is the promotion of products or services through advertisements .
They that are illegal and / or are in violation of international law distribution media .
They that promote SPAM.
Involving and / or promote rape.
Content including bestiality, gore, abuse, torture, bad language and / or deaths.
Including threats of any kind and / or attacks.
Images who are in favor of terrorism and / or against any government.

These terms refer to any type of image, pictures, cartoons or animations.

We do not allow views generated by PopUps / PopUnders, Crawlers / Spiders / Bots, Proxies / VPN / RDP, Traffic Exchange or AutoSurf.

ImagesCash reserves the right to withhold payment in the event of breach of any of these terms, depending on the severity your account will be terminated without the right to any claim or complaint and without notice, in case of no outstanding payments will be made.

Legal Notice:
The Terms of Service may change without notice, by accepting these terms you agree to future reforms.
Users who upload images that include pedophilia will be immediately blocked as are reported and / or detected and reported to the appropriate authorities.
The user agrees not to use, to third parties, our name and our image, without our prior written permission .
In case of any legal action against any uploaded image or casting on our server for some imagecash user, it is determined that the user is solely responsible for the upload.
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